Vaultwaren add-on: TOTP error servertime difference

If have freshly installed Home Assistant, NGINX Proxy Manager en Vaultwarden.
Secondly I already had a domain-name ( and forwarded it to my Vaultwarden add-on on port 7277.

Upon logging into Vaultwarden I get the following error:

Invalid TOTP code! Server time: 2023-07-19 21:47:57 UTC IP:

My Home Assistant Time and my Desktop time are 2023-07-19 23:47:57 at logon and the issues ip-adres is in my configuration.yaml under trusted proxies (to be sure)

How can I fix this?

The strange part is: In the Chrome Extension I am already logged in (Due to the previous installation of Home Assitant, NGINX and Vaultwarden, with the exact same settings) and am able to save passwords to the Vault and Sync them and retrieve the on the Phone App.