VB guest: Z-Wave JS "sees" Silicon Labs 700 but Z-Wave JS UI does not

I have a relatively HA installation, with HA running as a Virtual Box guest inside Windows. The machine has a Silicon Labs 700 Z-Wave stick attached to a USB port. The SL 700 uses a USB-to-UART bridge and is emulated on COM2.

I did not realize that Z-Wave JS and Z-Wave JS UI were not meant to run together, so I uninstalled Z-Wave JS in favor of using JS UI. I have no devices added to the Z-Wave network yet.

With Z-Wave JS, once I capture the SL 700 USB to guest, it “sees” the SL 700 on ttyS2.

I discovered that with Z-Wave JS UI, even after uninstalling Z-Wave JS and rebooting, JS UI still does not “see” the SL 700. I configured it the same as ttyS2, tried mapping the serial port on the guest config, tried both capturing the USB device and not capturing the USB device in the guest config, but nothing works. I keep getting the “Driver: Failed to open the serial port: Error: I/O error setting custom baud rate of 115200 (ZW0100)” error. The host has the COM port set to 115200 and everything matches up.

Again, Z-Wave JS connected with the SL 700 just by me capturing the USB device. With JS UI, keeps throwing up the “I/O error setting custom baud rate…”

Any ideas why?


Well, I got it working.

I uninstalled JS UI, reinstalled JS, went to config, and saw that JS detected a port “/dev/serial/by-id/usb-Silicon_Labs_CP2102N_USB_to_UART_Bridge_Controller…” I selected the port, started JS service, and it even pulled all the keys from the stick.

I then saved the port name, uninstalled JS, installed JS UI, and pasted the port name into the JS UI config. It worked with no I/O errors and detected the SL 700. It did not however pull the keys from the stick.

It seems like Z-Wave JS has superior code when it comes to detecting the USB stick and pulling the keys from the stick. JS UI, on the other hand, did not detect the USB stick and even after the port was manually entered, it did not pull the keys. Now that I am seeing this, is there anything else that JS UI is lacking when compared to JS?

AFAIK, it is not possible to pull the keys from the stick. So your initial install must of set them and stored them on your disk. That storage likely doesn’t get deleted when you uninstall.

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You’re probably right. Thanks for replying.