VBox VDI Image - Cant Get an IP

New user of Home Assistant, I’m trying to install the HA VDI image in a Virtual Box VM. First I tried to get up and running on my headless Ubuntu 18 server using a bridged ethernet adapter, and when that failed I also tried on Windows 10 using a bridged adapter. On both machines HA boots and I can see the boot process, it slows down at qemu.guest_agent, eventually timing out and failing there, as well as “Wait Until Kernel Time Synchronized”. I see “Failed to start Network Manager Wait Online”.

Eventually the “Waiting for the HA CLI to be ready” message appears, but this also fails, with “[WARN] Home Assistant CLI not starting! Jump into emergency console…”. From there I can do an ip addr but none of the interfaces have an IP on my network (DHCP is running, both of these servers are hard wired, not connected via WiFi).

What else can I look at to try and troubleshoot why the HAOS doesn’t seem to be able to obtain an IP?

On your Windows box, try Virtualbox 6.1

Just checked, I’m running 6.1 on the win10 box already, no dice :frowning:

Make sure your windows network driver allow running th NIC in promiscisous mode.
Make sure the bridge selected in the hypervisor is not just an internal bridge.

Thanks for the tip - I tried changing my Windows Virtual Box network setting for Adapter 1 to “allow-all” for promiscuous mode instead of “deny”, and after changing that the HAOS was able to get an IP successfully. As a test, I then set promiscuous mode to deny and tried with a fresh HAOS 12.3 image - and again it worked? So a potential fix and edit to the installation page might be to specify the promiscuous mode should be set to allow-all.

For my Linux VM, I could not get this to work in any case even setting the promiscuous flag. Maybe the HAOS VDI image is only supported in the Windows version of Virtual Box? Any idea how to access the log files to see what went wrong, why HAOS dumped me to the emergency console so I could provide more context?