Vcl and raspberrypi 3.5mm jack

Hope someone can help me here.
Homeassistant installed on Raspberry Pi 3’ use the following code
- platform: vlc
name: speaker_1
arguments: ‘–alsa-audio-device=hw:0,0’
in configuration.yaml for message and was working fine but volume was very low. So i did some research and found a post using the following command to increase volume on the pi.
sudo amixer set PCM — 100%
after I executed the command, the script I used to run announcement no longer worked.
the media_player was playing but no sound come out from the speaker. Can someone help please. BTW, I did reboot the pi and restart HA.

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  2. Is this the post you were referencing? Volume slider for integrated 3.5mm speaker

  3. Have you tried setting it back to another value? Like 50%?

Thanks tom-1, got it working:
trail and error;
sudo amixer set PCM – -400
will set raspberry pi 3.5mm jack to 92%
sudo amixer set PCM – -10239 will set volume to minimum.