Vehicle information through OnStar?

Just bought a new vehicle and its equipped with onstar and android auto and all that good junk. I was curious if its possible to pull data about the car such as

Mileage range
Oil life
tire pressure
breaking metrics
fuel metrics

And also have control of things such as locks/horns/lights

I see that they have API access to people that are accepted into the developer program here

I highly doubt it is easy to get access to that information, some of it is sensitive data. Who knows though, just going to have to try to sign up and see if you can.

The ONLY way to do this is the way I have it.

HASS > RESt Request > AutoRemote for Android > Tasker > AutoInput

AutoInput then opens OnStar’s app then clicks whatever buttons are needed.

I guess that checks out since you are basically logging into your own user first and not actually directly going to GM’s servers thru home assistant

Perhaps they have an online portal for similar information, then you may not need to use tasker/phone

GM has a website that displays my oil life, break life, tire pressure in each tire, mileage, and a bunch of other useful informations. How would I use home assistant to pull the data from the site though?

You can look into the scrape sensor

It may not be easy though… also if you need to log in to check it and stuff it may be even more challenging requiring a custom python script or something

Its possible but more of a hack, would be better if there was an api you could read from instead.

Could you post a tutorial or something on setting that up? Thanks

yea i figured that. That hows i currently use it. But i would love to be able to get the gps data, mileage, fuel remaining, tire pressure, etc.

ive pulled data from home assistant to rainmeter on my pc using curl and the rainmeter webparser which creates a text file of the webpage. From there i could just move the txt file over to home assistant and have home assistant read the txt file possibly.

The only issue with this is that you would need an always on windows machine to do it. I have mine on 24/7 since im running servers on it but others might not like this idea.

Yesterday I’ve started to investigate myOpel website.
Overnight I did some work to demonstrate how to get data using python - check out this repo:

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Interestingly, one of the things on my to-do list is to have a play with Carloop and see if I can get details from my old Ford’s OBD port. It should be possible, which means any car could be added to Home Assistant.

any progress, did you find a working solution to have it integrated in home-assistant?

Working on it right now - building component based on tesla car. Don’t know if I will finish today / etc.

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Welcome back and thanks for looking into this.

Looks like this guy has done it. Haven’t try it so far

Were you able to implement this?

Yes - based on work of that developer - I have added onstar_component:

There is an example configuration.
Tested on my 0.100.2 HA

Now two things can be gathered from you Opel:

  1. sensors (need to work on them and split some into binary_sensor) - get’s detected automatically
  2. device tracker - with GPS - needs testing if it is updating.
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Awesome, does it support multiple vehicles?

Just added this but get the following error’s.

Error loading custom_components.onstar_component. Make sure all dependencies are installed

Setup failed for onstar_component: Integration not found.