Velleman K8056 relay board

Good Day

To anyone that would be as kind as to assist!
I have the Velleman K8056 relay board, which I have connected to a USB to Serial Converter and successfully works in both Linux and Windows.

I am also comfortable with setting up the commands/automation with the board in HA, however the challenge I have is that I need to compile a utility to enable control in Linux.

For reference (The K8056 interface board from Velleman on Linux - MicElectroLinGenMet)

Unfortunately as we all know the HA OS - core-ssh does not have the utilities required to compile the simple utility.

How could I either compile a compatible Binary on another Linux system or add packages to the underlying OS to enable this?

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It’s impossible to run anything exotic in HAOS since it’s designed to be a controlled and locked down environment specifically designed for HA. Your best bet is to reverse engineer the serial protocol from the official PC controlling program and implement it with ESPHome, then connect an ESP32 to the K8056.