Velux Active (HomeKit accessory) control via Home Assistant?

Thanks for the very helpful instructions. Where do I find this code please?

I have just set up the KIX 300 and can confirm that you do not need any AppleKit. You do need the mobile app which can be found on the Google Play Store and this should be used to connect the KIX 300 to your network.

From there HA should auto detect and the pin code can be found in one of the two QR codes on the bottom of the main KIX 300 “hub”.

I now have 5 windows, a co2 sensor, humidity sensor and temperature sensor attached to HA now.

Hi All,

Thanks for a very useful thread, I was pulling my hair out trying to get this working thanks to the less than helpful Velux docs until I read this.
I do have one issue though, I was able to get the controller and CO2 sensor added to the app and then connected to the HA HomeKit Controller, but added my windows later. The windows are not showing up on HA though.
Before I go through the whole process again is anyone able to tell me if there is anything else I can do apart from start again and only do the HomeKit setup after everything is setup on the app? From what I can tell the Homekit Controller integration should be able to detect newly added entities?

Has someone found a way to STOP covers? I want to start the covers moving with the first button press and stop it with the second press, but since the Homekit Integration of KIX/KIG 300 does not accept any kind of stop command thats not possible :frowning:

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I have KIX300, I have a question:

If I go to integrate it with HA using Homekit Controller, than on HA I see only sensors exposed on Homekit or also all other sensors?

I’m asking if I’ll have also:

  • lux sensor indoor
  • rain sensor outdoor.

let me know


@soulcrash I just installed a Velux KIG 300 Gateway and added it via the HomeKit Controller integration to HomeAssistant. Same issue here: I can fully close or open the shutters, but I cannot stop them inbetween. Did you find a solution?

I found a position slider, but I did not yet figure out, how to access it via automation.

EDIT 2: there is an easy solution for the slider and the automation:

hi guys

I have a Velux active gateway model NXG01E

I’m trying to add this to homeassistant

I currently have the velux gateway added via homekit to my iphone and i can control the blinds/windows via the homekit app on my phone.

How can i get this to work with homekit.? ive seen some threads on here about getting it going?

I have tried adding homekit controller in HA and then using the Velux Homekit pin but it says it doesnt reconize it

everything is on the same subnet/lan so not sure what im doing wrong?

I think you have to restart the gateway configuration by resetting the device:
hold down the “gear” button on the back for like 30 seconds and when it starts flashing in RED color, then release and push it one more time (shortly) to confirm the reset procedure

only after this will you have a “clean”, unpaired gateway which you can pair with HA (first!) and use it via Homekit integration

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Is there any way to expose the KLN 300 VELUX ACTIVE departure switch to HA ? I can’t find anything conclusive as to whether the KIX 300 gateway exposes it via HomeKit at all.

why do you need to control a switch?

you can use automations with the entities registered through the gateway, to create scenes like “leaving home close the windows” or something

ok reset it (held down, red light, clicked once - red light stayed on for abit then switch to light blue)

so i think its new/unpaired and clean

How do i then add it to HA ?

after reset took place you should start again gateway config, and during this the gateway will just “pop up” in HA at some point


just reboot home assistant and it should just “discover it / pop up” ?

in my case HA offered a new integration from the point it started to see (discovered) the gateway on the same network, I don’t remember restarting the server

perfect got it working

missed a step

after resetting, need to go into the velux app, re-add it to the wifi then go to HA, reboot and boom

its picked the blinds and windows up as seperate items , how do i group them together as one entity so i can tap one button and they all open etc

also how do you get the windows to say open 20% as at the moment the button is either closed or fully open

you have to use a card that’s capable of that (e.g. mushroom layout card can do that)

thanks im using

                  - type: custom:cover-popup-card
                    entity: cover.velux_window_2
                    sliderService: cover.set_cover_position
                    actionsInARow: 2

but struggling on how todo the middle values and get it working properly.

So, the only way to integrate it on HA is to use HomeKit controller? No any API to sue?