Velux Component - Support Tilt - Velux KLF 200

Is there any way that the velux component can support tilt functionality for controlling vertical blind slats powered by a somfy io motor?

It is based on PyVLX but the following are not supported:

Does the Velux KLF 200 API support tilt ? 

Will be included in one of the next releases. For the time beeing my HACS custom component supports tilt functionality:

Thank you!
Do you know the ETA for it to be built into the official component?
In the meantime will try your custom component!

KLF200 is a bit pricey $$$.
does anybody know if it’s an alternative way to remote control your Velux.
does anybody reverse engineering the signal, could we control it with RM3 or equivalent remote controler ??? frequency ?

In May 2021, the new VELUX APP (KIG 300 EU) was launched. to be investigated

Hi , are there some updates about the new app control.