Velux integration 2022.8

Hello, everyone,
I’m trying to install the Velux integration in my Homeassistant 2022.8, unfortunately it doesn’t appear in the list of integrations. Anyone know advice?

I just checked something, and it is not available to setup using the GUI. You’ll need to set it up in your configuration.yaml file.

The configuration is made in the Yami file, but before that I have to install the whole thing somehow. I don’t know how though as it shows up in the list of integrations on the home page but not in Home Assistant itself.

There should not be a need to install Velux manually. When HA first starts and sees Velux in the configuration.yaml, HA will download all the components needed (if they are not already installed). Also it will not show up in the GUI’s list of integrations.

Be aware, there are some custom components for Velux available that you will have to install yourself, but as FAIK, they are just modified versions of the native HA Velux integration. I don’t know much about them nor use them.

Thank you for your help, it worked