Velux Integration: KLF200 or KIX300?

Hi All

I have recently installed a few Velux electrical windows & shutters and I want to integrate Velux into HA. What I read is that I can use KLF200 or KIX300 (via HomeKit).

What is your recommendation? What gives best options? What I figured out so-far (but I might be wrong)


  • no active Velux development anymore?
  • gateway is a bit cheaper
  • no dependency on remote (cloud) provider


  • active Velux development
  • I cannot not purchase a stand alone gateway, only starter kit ?
  • dependency on remote provider?

Any thoughts are appreciated :slight_smile:

From another Forum user, the KLF is discontinued:

Also, from my experience (as well as many others), the KLF is too prone to communications failures w. HA.
As for the KIX300, I have not used one, so I really can’t say if it is better or not.

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In case you are interested, check out my comment in this other thread: