Velux - SML - Renovation Project

Dears fellow members and users of HA,

Here my situation that most of you share I’m sure.
On my second floor (naked floor for now due to renovation) I do have 4 Velux of different size that don’t have cover for now set on.
I’m planning to have the cover installed on all of them so I looked to the possible solution:

  • KLF200:

    • no active Velux development anymore?
    • gateway is a bit cheaper
    • no dependency on remote (cloud) provider
  • KIX300:

    • active Velux development
    • I cannot not purchase a stand alone gateway, only starter kit ?
    • dependency on remote provider

So no simple solution out-of-the-box that the one of becoming a follower of Velux brand/tools ?

It seems that it could be another way, an dumber way as with the SML Cover SML UK04 0000S.
This non-wireless, non-solar cover that can be link to an KUX 110 to integrate into Velux ecosystems.

However that’s not my goal here as It’s not KISS simple.

So here’s the deal all we need is an 24V/5A input with an relay to trigger -/+24V to the two wire of the SML in order to trigger up/down operation. So what to add to this model in order to get an local button in my walls.
I’m thinking of using Shelly 2.5M as relay/button with an 24V/5A circuits from my basement using an 230V/24V alimentation to provide dedicated line for the Velux. One advantage is that your Veluxs will be on an dedicated circuit with a dedicated protection.

At the end I’m would have full control of my Velux cover locally without any dependency to any Velux platform that could be stopped in an near future by Velux.

I will be free to setup my cover controls wherever I want in my room.

What do you think about this solution ?

I will go for it in the following months.–100–24n

Hello there,

Some progress and defeat around here.
My plan with the Shelly 2 failed due to the missing -24V feature.
I went with the VRT-IP to be able to get the motor moving as I want. As I stipulate to my workers to not use under any condition the Velux remote during the setup of the shade I think I will be able to have them under “basic” but locally control.

So for the “final” plan I’m thinking going full GCE-Electronics with X4VR that will be setup in my basement with all the fuses boxes.

I will still have an VRT-IP around in case of issue to have then moving.
The VRT-IP was using as default settings the IP so I had to create an network to have it reachable from my Wifi. #unify

Hello Zwordi,

I faced the same problem as you about 1 year ago.
My solution is simple, reliable, inexpensive and completely independent of Velux. It does require some technical skills though.
Basically it’s a Shelly 2.5 with the Tasmota firmware (the original FW doesn’t work, unfortunately) and two 24V changeover relays wired as pole changers.
Everything is fixed behind a shutter button (this can be omitted of course).
You can find my schematic and some pictures attached.
Maybe it helps you and the community.
Some parts are marked in german, if there are any questions, please let me know.


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Hello @braindump ,

Thank you so much for your input.
That’s interesting. I had a past in electronics but it’s long gone…

Could you share more details about your setup ?
Shopping list ? PCB layout ?
Are you able with Tasmota (more an ESphome user on my side) to calibrate the the velux ?
How does it look in yours ?

I’m going to change all my windows with some with shutters so going with GCE could be the way even if it’s bothering me to not have an safety circuit in case of :

  • Homeassistant is dead
  • GCE box is dead