(Venetian) Blinds: how to tilt in Homekit?

I’m using blinds in Home Assistant, where I can move them up and down and also tilt the blinds (between 0 and 100%). Is there a possiblity to transfer that to HomeKit? At the moment I can move the blinds in HomeKit up and down, but I cannot tilt them.

Thank u!

Is there an update on this?

I haven’t been able to solve this …

The upcoming version of home-assistant 108 will include this feature.

Really? Awesome! Thank you!

Did anyone ever get the tilt to work? I still only have up, down and stop.

I cant seem to tilt (using somfy 25 rts tilt and lift motors)

Actually yes, but I use blinds that are controlled by a KNX installation. Maybe that make’s a difference …
Haven’t figured out though wether you can control them by SIRI command.