Venstar ColorTouch Status Indicator Icons

I installed two T7900 thermostats and applied the only Venstar integration I could locate, and added the thermostat control cards to my dashboard.

All seems to work well, except for the status icons at the bottom of the card. The schedule icon correctly shows that a schedule is in effect, but the heating, cooling, and fan icons always remain grayed out, even though the status text on the card correctly says ‘cooling,’ or ‘heating’ when those modes are active.

These are new thermostats, with the most current Venstar firmware, and my HA version is current. Is there something I can modify to get the status icons to activate on the thermostat card?

Would also appreciate any assistance to point me to possibly a better integration, or perhaps a more full-featured thermostat card that would better utilize the Venstar API.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on this.

The thermostat won’t let you change the HVAC Mode when the Schedule is running. Try disabling the schedule and see if the status icons behave as you expect.

For this reason I turned off the schedule in the thermostat and instead use Home Assistant to apply the scheduled changes.