Vent-Axia MVHR Sentinel Kinetic Serial port intergration

Looking through the other posts relating to integrating the Vent-Axia (Low Carbon) Sentinel Kinetic BH (with humidity sensor) unit into Home assistant, it seems that there is no discussion about how to activate Summer Bypass, or configure the unit.

It seems that the BMS function is a bit of a bust, with no real functionality/settings of value “Its only function really is to enable to system.”

The integration through “mode 2” looks good, with control via dry contacts on “SW1, SW2, SW3 or SW5”, I’m hoping to try Opto-Couplers soon.
But it doesn’t give feedback, no sensor values, and you cant enable summer bypass.

However, it seems there is another option I haven’t seen discussed here, there is a Wired Remote Controller that can be used to extend the UI from the box to another location 15m away, it seems that the unit is a dumb serial terminal using RS232 at 96008N1
A great resource for the device functionality can be found on GitHub

Has anyone else setup a Virtual serial display and keypad in Home assistant, or setup any automatons that are similar.