Vera - Door & Motion Sensor showing up as switch?


I’m looking to show all my door and motion sensor on my Vera controller , but for some reason they are showing up as switches , rather than sensors ?

Here are the devices in question


Any ideas ?

Is there a way to change the device type?
I’ve tried to see if the customize option would work but it doesn’t ?

This is how they appear in the config, why would devices with a Device Class" of “Motion” and another of “Occupancy” appear as switches, rather than Sensors? Could there be an issue with the coding?

Or am I missing something ?

Vera Device Id: 251
device_armed: True
device_tripped: False
last_tripped_time: 2017-05-18T17:45:50+00:00
device_class: motion
friendly_name: Front Door
battery_level: 100%

Vera Device Id: 177
device_armed: True
friendly_name: Kitchen Motion
last_tripped_time: 2017-05-18T18:58:53+00:00
device_class: occupancy
device_tripped: True

This is how they look in the UI, grouped together - is there a way to show them as motion sensors that change when they’ve been tripped


Yes you should have a switch for every motion sensor, thats the way to arm it.
But you should also have a binarysensor for it.

I have this:
switch.sensordanielskontor_102 (To arm/disarm)
binary_sensor.sensordanielskontor_102 Show motion/not motion (On/Off)


Many thanks - I do indeed have binary sensors for them too …

But they are not visible on the UI, would you be able to advise on what I should do to make them visible ?

Do you have a group configuration?

Then you can add it to a group.

Thanks so much , that was the prompt I needed …