Vera Edge and Z-Stick?

I have today a Vera Edge connected to my Hass and I’m planing to buy one Aeon Labs Z-Stick Gen 5.

I wonder if I can use 2 Z-Wave Tx/Rx in Hass?

I would like to separate devices with Z-Wave Plus (500) from Z-Wave (300) devices.

The setup would work, but I would advise against it. Devices on different networks won’t be able to talk to each other directly. This will also weaken routing.

You don’t see any problems to mix Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus in one and same network?

I don’t know how the routing works, but:
If a device is Z+ and is in a direct reach - the controller will use Z+ to talk to it.
If a device is not in a direct reach - maybe the routing is not smart enough (I’m not sure) to route the message via Z+ nodes only.

In any case I think that the added benefit of allowing the devices to talk to each other directly and having a more connected network is better.

This wouldn’t really be two Zwave networks from HA’s point of view. HA sees the Vera stuff, but doesn’t talk directly to the zwave modem - it talks to the Vera’s API. So from a Home Assistant point of view, this shouldn’t be a problem.