Vera integration, temperature sensors not imported

I set up the integration against Vera Z-vawe controller and it looks really nice exept i can’t seem to get any temperature sensor ID:s imported?
The sensors are Fibaro FGBS-001 universal sensor (with 4 temperature inputs and 2 binary inputs).
The universal sensor ID is imported and also the ID:s binary inputs 1 and 2 but no temperature sensor ID:s.
Anyone with experience regarding this?

Best regards

Hi Björn,
I have the same problem with the FGBS-001. No temperature sensors added to Vera.
I know this question is old, but did you have any luck dealing with this problem?

Well, even though its highly unlikely that anyone would need this info anymore i’d thought i would share the solution.
As my 10 year old Vera Lite apparently crashed and therefore lost all of it’s z-vawe configuration
I had to start all over.
The Vera accepted devices to be paired again and as i had paired my Fibaro universal sensor and got it to read and display temperatures i now again needed to get the imported to HA.

I actually did make it work the last time around 3 years ago :slight_smile:
But now 3 years later I had not the faintest idea of how i did it.

Turns out you need to set the “category” ID (under advanced settings on the device in the Vera interface) to the correct value for the devices to be read correctly when imported to HA.
For temperature sensors the value should be set to “17” or “1” for the device to be listed under the “Climate” category in Vera.
Then you just need to reload the integration in HA and temp sensors displays fine.