Vera issues in Docker Config

Getting the following issue after the latest release of docker;

16-09-16 10:47:15 homeassistant.components.automation: Please switch your condition configuration to use ‘condition’ instead of ‘platform’.

Please assist. All vera managed devices are now unavailable.

This was a breaking change in 0.19 and requires a simple change to your configuration file.

read through this release post…not sure what part is being reference for the config change. I’m not using any scripts/templates. I have a VERY simple setup with only a few automatons. Can you be more specific with what needs to change in my automation config? Thanks.

From the post:

Conditions in automations should now specify which condition to use with condition: instead of platform:. For example condition: state.

Anywhere where you have an automation with a condition that says something like platform: state change it to condition: state. The updated docs are here.

Thank you.