Vera lights & switches missing from 0.86

After upgrading to 0.86 (.1 then .2, .3) most of my Vera sourced devices are no longer appearing. It looks like it is all the switches and lights that have gone AWOL - I’m still getting scenes and sensors.

The Vera component seemed to add double underscores to many of them so I initially suspected that the issue. For instance, light.k__island_lights_158 was the HA name given to the vera device “K - Island Lights”, so the Vera component probably drops hyphens and replaces each space with an underscore. It can’t be as simple as that though, as I have renamed within the Vera UI another light switch to simply reargardenlights to rule out any such conversion issues, and that is still not appearing in HA after restarts / upgrades.

I’ve checked the States list in case the devices are coming through with new names, but that is not the case. My list of devices is much shorter than it was under 0.85 and earlier versions. I have removed any exclusions from my config but that made no difference.

I’ve had a look at the Vera component code, and I’m no Python expert, but I can’t see anything special about the way switches/lights are treated compared to scenes/sensors, so I’m mystified what might be happening!

Well this is mighty strange…

I spent some time editing all the devices in my Vera UI, to ensure absolutely nothing could result in an invalid name being generated. Restarted 0.8.63 and still no joy. I reverted to 0.85.1, mostly to get a good record of all the Vera sourced devices that had been missing. I then went back to 0.86.3, and all the missing devices have now appeared again!

I’m intrigued if anyone has any ideas why that fixed it, but the main thing is that it is indeed fixed!