Vera state tracking broken in last few releases

Hi Guy’s, my had been working great as the front end to my Vera Plus (managing Zwave devices) but from about v0.85 hassio no longer updates device states from my Vera Plus.

I can trigger things on but then the slider switch goes right back to the off position and never updates - which also means I cant turn them off. If something is turned on physically it also never updates in hassio (everything is working fine in Vera).

I’ve just upgraded to v0.88.1 but no joy still. :frowning:

I’m running 100% lovelace and have been since around v0.74 without issues till 2019.

EDIT: my config is really simple:

  vera_controller_url: http://<Vera_IP>:3480/
  lights: [83, 56, 117, 154]

So no one else is having this issue? :frowning_face:

I just blew away my Pi 3B and rebuilt it using the latest image and it’s still an issue on the latest release (0.89.2).

I’ve noticed that happening with my z-wave lock only, but my lights and switches seem fine. I set up a door open/close sensor to tell hass to lock the door, so even though the state didn’t change, it’ll still send the command. It’s pretty concerning though since I don’t have confirmation on whether it happened or not

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My only zwave Device that shows status updates is my Aeotec multi sensor. Everything else pretty much will turn on but the state will show as off.

All my other automation gear works perfectly in hassio.

I started using Vera because my dog ate my z-stick along with my first Pi, and I couldn’t get my new Z-stick to pair with my lock. I’ve run into tons of issues with Vera polling the lock in the last 6 months or so, and took me days to get it to pair at all. I did help some of the issues by making it confirm through MQTT though (I posted instructions on how I did the lock below, which I believe you can use for the lights too), but I would not get another Vera after how much of a pain this was.

Let me know if that helps you out though. MQTT actually works a lot faster than I expected it to, and you could make them MQTT lights

TBH I really have no need for MQTT and zero desire to play with it (dont have the time atm due to starting a new job).

I just wish Vera state tracking could be fixed - it worked perfectly before and now it’s completely borked! vera hasnt updated their FW in many months so it’s clearly Hassio that is broken. I can turn stuff on from Hassio, but the broken state tracking means nothing can be turned off because it’s not showing the updated device status.

The Logbook doesnt even record the “on” event - that’s how broken it is. :roll_eyes:

Just an update - HA is still reporting back power usage from Vera Zwave devices, just not the switch on/off state … this is really freaking weird! :crazy_face: