VeraPlus, Generic Z-Wave Thermostat (XR524), Preset Modes

I have just replaced my Nest with a Trane XR524 Z-Wave thermostat. I then bought a VeraPlus controller to let HA speak to it. As the XR524 isn’t a stock Vera-supported thermostat (learned after the fact) I set it up as a generic thermostat. Vera has complete control over it, has “Off, Heat, Cool, Auto” modes, and even has an “energy” and “normal” mode. I assume “energy” mode is an eco mode.

In HA, I now have a climate.thermostat_upstairs entity. Its attributes are as follows:

hvac_modes: cool,heat,heat_cool,off
current_temperature: 22.3
min_temp: 7
max_temp: 35
temperature: 23
fan_mode: auto
fan_modes: on, auto
Vera Device Id: 6
friendly_name: Upstairs
supported_features: 9

Question 1
Does this indicate that HA cannot change presets between “eco” and “normal”? I haven’t been able to change to that “energy” mode shown in the Vera front end. I’ve tried using climate.set_reset_mode to no avail.

Question 2
I cannot seem to change modes using climate.set_temperature; the only way that I can change modes is using climate.set_hvac_mode. Is that normal? I thought I could change modes using set_temperature on my Nest.

Question 3
Even when on Auto [Vera] / heat_cool [HomeAssistant] mode, the thermostat never gives me a target_temp_high or target_temp_low, just a temperature attribute. Does this mean that the thermostat can only pick a temperature but will not operate within a range like I’m used to, even when in heat/cool or auto mode?

Thanks in advance.