Vera's new lock support

I have 5 Schlage z-wave locks on my Vera2 running UI5. Hass detects and shows "most" of my Vera switches and lights but I don’t see any of the locks. Logs show the vera.locks component is loading but I’m not sure why the device ID’s aren’t showing up. This may be a lock issue or due to the fact that some of my lights aren’t visible either.

Any vera people out there with suggestions?


We may be the last couple of holdouts on UI5.

From what I can tell, UI5 reports dimmers and locks differently than UI7 causing pyvera to skip them on UI5 devices. I submitted a bug report and a possible fix to pyvera. Hopefully my fix or something like it will make it in soon.

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i know this is old, but i’m looking at buying a new z-wave lock to add to my system and i’m still on ui5 as well. is this still broken?