Vergola opening roof - uses “voltage free” relay contacts

Anyone have experience integrating a Vergola opening roof (this is an Australian product).
The manual says:
Integration with Home Automation - The V5000A electronic control system can be controlled by a home automation system via the external control connector on the rear of the V5000A unit. The system can be controlled by a set of four “voltage free” relay contacts as supplied by the home automation system.

Hope to get more info from them before we purchase.

Probably the same as Sonoff mini.
So basically you add a switch between the contacts and the “thing” notice if circuit is open or closed. Kind of like the beep setting on a multimeter.

But that is just a guess.
If I’m correct then you just add a latching relay that you control from an ESP.
Note that it has to be latching to not toggle in case of rebooting the ESP.

thanks for the thoughts… once I get more info or get the awning installed I’ll post back in what I find or am able to rig up.

Hey reynos, how’d you go using the contacts?

Have not yet been able try yet. The Vergola install date is a few weeks away. Once it’s installed I’ll get stuck into it.
Page 9 of this is the info I have so far… I’m asking the design consultant today how I might integrate this. I’m thinking a NodeMCU and some relays via ESPHome. If I’m not able to locate these bits in the actual Vergola control box I’ll put a up a small waterproof box adjacent it. Hopefully I can piggy back in the power the the control box somehow.

and here is some more info on how it works:

I needed some routine service with my Vergola today, and I asked the technician about some of the newer controllers available. There is a bluetooth unit that is available now, and a unit with Alexa integration under development. The latter should be available close to the end of 2024