Verify IP4 network settings in use

Running Hassio as a VM on VMWare.

I can’t get mDNS to work. All my D1Minis are resolving OK, but the Hassio instance itself (hassio.local) is not. So I am trying to find a way to check existing network settings in use by the HASSIO VM, but struggling… Is there a way to check network settings in use via SSH or GUI (like DNS address in use etc)? Or is there no way to check, only change by importing from a USB stick (which I guess is possible also in a VM)?


How is the networking setup on your VM? Is it NAT or Bridged. It should be bridged.

Yes, it is bridged.

I am using pfSense and have complicated things because all IoT things, including HASSIO, is on a separate VLAN. Trying to experiment on what I need to open to get mDNS to function, and need to know which IP settings (like DNS) the HassIO VM eth0 is actually using.

Is the VM multihomed? If so mDNS may not bind to all interfaces. Not sure what flavor of linux HASSIO runs on but some linux version bind multicast to the same interface as the default gateway.

And mDNS is not going to be available outside of the subnet that it is deployed on. It is multicast, it doesn’t route across subnets. If your VLANs are on different subnets, you aren’t going to be able to use the mDNS names between them.

No, not multihomed. The VM is running HASSOS, and its eth0 is bridged. The host NIC has no gateway configured but a static IP address in the same subnet as the IP range the pfSense DHCP is set up. HASSIO gets its IP setting from DHCP in pfSense via a static mapping. That was the plan, anyway, and pfSense DHCP shows “online” for the HASSIO Static Mapping. Just wanted to confirm what IP settings the HASSIO instance is using. Shouldn’t be that difficult. I’m wondering why there is no HASSOS GUI to view/change network settings.

So HASSIO I believe still runs under docker in the VM. But the docker recommendations are to use network=host. So if you fire up the VM console you should be able to get the network config based on the commands for the OS of the VM. Other threads have said to use Linux/Other for the appliance so it must be some sort of linux. ip -a or maybe ifconfig?

I really can’t find info on what the username/password would be. I found references to pi/raspberry and ha/ha. Maybe some clues are in this link

Sorry, the level of abstraction makes troubleshooting difficult.

Thanks for your efforts! I installed HASSIO by downloading the vmdk, and set up a VMWare VM running in a Windows Server. Didn’t do any changes to the HASSIO netwok, only to the host, so guess the HASSIO network is default DHCP. I just found this link showing how Network can be changed via SSH.

However, I gave up… and ended up opening port 53 (only) into my main subnet. I am scrapping port 5353 and mDNS altogether. Have made A records for all IoT hosts in my main DNS. Maybe not 100% secure, but hey, .local finally returns IP addresses :slight_smile: