Verisure component not working

I’m a new Verisure user in Italy.
I tried to configure verisure component in home assistant but I’m receiving the following error:
‘Could not log in to verisure, Invalid response, status code: 401 - Data: {“errorGroup”:“UNAUTHORIZED”,“errorCode”:“AUT_00001”,“errorMessage”:“Username/password does not match any valid login”}’
Does anyone idea? I’m using the same login/password I’m using to access via iphone app.
Many thanks for your support.

Hi @fchiari I too am getting this error. Do you know which URL you use to login from a browser? - this is the URL I use. My guess is that the integration is pointing to a different URL for a different region and that’s why it cannot recognise our credentials.

It would be great to have an option to select region so the URL that it logs into recognises the credentials - this should theoretically work.

I am going to look into this unless it has already been done but I’ve not yet discovered it.


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I agree the issue is that Verisure is using different url for each country.
I also don’t know if the http calls are the same.
Please, if you find a solution, let me know.
My region is Italy and the site is


Hello there, has anyone found a solution to this? I would be nice to having the integration work, at least to get the state.