Verisure Integration registration for Spain (Securitas Direct)

Hello Everyone,

I have been using a Verisure custom integration for some time (in Spain, Verisure is called Securitas Direct). After upgrading HA to 2021.5.1, the custom integration stopped working. Then, I realized that there was an official integration included in HA from 2021.4. However, I am not able to use it, as the integration asks for email and password upon installation. In Spain, Securitas Direct web access is done with a number ID (no email) and a password. There is an email under the Verisure account, but it is used for notification purposes only. Anyway, I have tried to register the integration using such email, my login ID and my installation number, but no success so far. Any suggestion? Is anyone using the Verisure integration to manage the alarm system in Spain?


Hola, yo tengo el mismo problema!

any update on this? anyone has solved the issue? I’m having the same problem

I’m having the same problem, did you find a solution ??

I’ve been trying to configure the official integration without success in Spain. Although I found a Verisure integration in HACS that worked, but it can only connect and disconnect the alarm. It does not show the binary sensors, cameras, etc.

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Hi! Since many months ago I was searching something like this, but I am not interested in arm or disarm the alarm, so that repository for me is “useless” if all of the work is arm or disarm the alarm.

I ONLY WANT to know if the alarm is set or not. Depending on that tiny, small, localized and friendly question. Becomes the great power of automation (open or not open windows if you are or not are in home, make the vacuum robot work, does it necessary to heat the house?, did I miss some window or door open? -in Verisure/securitas direct you pay for each door or window sensor, so is better to mix with a one cheaper-, and so on…)

So. Anyone know ANY integration that works in SPAIN with Securitas Direct/Verisure and shows the actual state of the alarm ?

Thank you very much!

PS: This is more accurate than having a home assistant companion in each mobile phone, that is innacurate or not updating so much the position to let home assistant know that you leave home (also, the Asuswrt is not compatible with AiNodes, so mine is switching in and out). Also, is good variable to trust: Anyone is in home or not. Doesnt care if is your partner, you, or your mother. So is the simpliest way to trust in your automations.

PS2: I has thinking about how to see if the alarm is set or not set since long ago (with no need to be overflowed by bluetooth/gps/wifi trackers, radar sensors, camera recognitions, and its limitations…).
Some time ago, for the persons who know what is SMS-time-like, there were a devices (doesnt knew about them) that has the hability to let them call. So, when the call is set, you can sent them commands with numbers pre programed. The first ones work with the DIAL TONE. So I am thinking about it: A device that hears for a specific TONE secuence: The arm secuence and disarm secuence tones are different. So if were possible to put it in a ESP32.ESPHome and tell Home assistant that information, would be awesome: Also, it is something apart of your “alarm company world/cloud” so no need to set you house’s password or anything in a non encripted file in your network.
I also considered some Shelly buttons to only thell home assistant that the alarm is set or no. But you can forget it and you are introducing a new thing in your routine’s (also, explain to other persons what they have to do if you need them to enter your house when you are away)… I think this is more generic and automatic.

Anyone who knows to code/develop it? xD

I cannot help, but I’d like to comment a couple of things.

  1. I have been using one of the available integrations for Securitas after trying the few available ones. None of them are 100% reliable. Basically, there are two problems:
    a. If you arm/disarm the alarm with the physical panel, the integration usually takes a long time to update accordingly.
    b. If HASS is restarted, the integration usually issues an error and it is not loaded. You will have to restart HASS 2-3 times (some times even more) for the integration to be loaded correctly. This is very inconvenient for obvious reasons.

  2. According to my own experience, Securitas Spain is an absolute crap. Actually, I believe all these sort of widely spread security companies (Securitas, Prosegur, Sector, Sicor, ADT…) are basically a complete waste of money. I experienced some power failures and sensor triggers in the past and they did not even called. I have a few neighbours that were robbed with such alarm kits installed. They don’t usually call the police unless they are 200% sure that the place is actually being robbed. When they are, it is usually very late. Burglars know this, so it is actually better to have a self-managed alarm brand not as popular (at least for the standard customer) or a self-managed DIY kit alarm system, because they are not sure what they will face with upon braking into the place, so they will just probably try with the place next to yours…

After all of these problems, I decided to set my own DIY setup up:

  • Sirens
  • Door/window sensors
  • Indoor/outdoor cameras with person/vehicle/pet motion detection
  • UPS
  • Dual WAN with failover 4G adapter
  • Asterisk server (HASS addon) for being able to make automatic calls from my place upon alarm triggering, on top of Telegram messages/notifications to myself, family and neighbours (a group can be set up for the purpose). Such messages include short clips to verify that trigger is for a real reason, so anyone can call the police being sure that alarm is not false, and without paying the risk to check the place on their own.
  • Professional designed signage around the property.

Usually, a kit like this will cost about one-year subscription (perhaps two). I know it is not perfect, but for the moment I couldn’t be more happy for the decision I took a year ago or so!

Good luck!