Verisure Norway

Have anyone been able to connect to Verisure components in Norway.

I have tried but can’t connect :frowning:

It works like it should here. What’s the problem?

What kind of installation do you have? Do you have Verisure subscription or can you use VBox Micro?

I just bought a house with Verisure equipment installed (fire alarm, movement sensor etc), but I haven’t bought any subscription. Trying to research if it’s possible to use the sensors without

I believe you need a subscription, at least for the existing component.

I have added the component into the config yaml file, but get an error after restarting Hassio. After inspecting the log file, I get this:

2019-10-13 10:02:25 ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.verisure] Could not log in to verisure, Invalid response, status code: 401 - Data: {“errorGroup”:“UNAUTHORIZED”,“errorCode”:“AUT_00004”,“errorMessage”:“Invalid username/password/authentication method combination”}

I’ve used the same username/password settings I currently use on MyVerisure app (I’m in the UK).

Any ideas?


I got exactly the same error as @cjm81 from Italy.

Hi there,
same for me. Any idea to solve the issue?
I’m from Italy.
Many thanks