Verisure Norway

Have anyone been able to connect to Verisure components in Norway.

I have tried but can’t connect :frowning:

It works like it should here. What’s the problem?

What kind of installation do you have? Do you have Verisure subscription or can you use VBox Micro?

I just bought a house with Verisure equipment installed (fire alarm, movement sensor etc), but I haven’t bought any subscription. Trying to research if it’s possible to use the sensors without

I believe you need a subscription, at least for the existing component.

I have added the component into the config yaml file, but get an error after restarting Hassio. After inspecting the log file, I get this:

2019-10-13 10:02:25 ERROR (SyncWorker_1) [homeassistant.components.verisure] Could not log in to verisure, Invalid response, status code: 401 - Data: {“errorGroup”:“UNAUTHORIZED”,“errorCode”:“AUT_00004”,“errorMessage”:“Invalid username/password/authentication method combination”}

I’ve used the same username/password settings I currently use on MyVerisure app (I’m in the UK).

Any ideas?


I got exactly the same error as @cjm81 from Italy.

Hi there,
same for me. Any idea to solve the issue?
I’m from Italy.
Many thanks

Suddenly this has started to happen to me too!
It has worked very well for about 2 years, but now I keep getting this message. And nothing happens in my locks.
After a HA restart it works again for a while. I don’t know for how long. Could it be some kind of certificate/token that has to be refreshed? I’m on HA Core 0.106.2.

I’m getting the same error too…

Did anyone manage to resolve this?