Verisure state

I have tried to find out all different states my Verisure alarm system could be in and so far found these three:


But does anyone know the state it has when it’s armed and then triggered?


i’m also eager to what is the state when alarm is triggered. There is 3 triggers (AFAIK)

  • trigger when fire is detected
  • trigger when water leak
  • trigger when intrusion

It would be nice to know the state.


EDIT: I found this:

Also looking for this info…

@tgermain did you find out what the state of the alarm component is when the three different events that you listed triggers?

The item is in my todo list.

First, from home-assistant source code(, I found:

def update(self):
        """Update alarm status."""
        status = hub.get_first("$.armState.statusType")
        if status == 'DISARMED':
            self._state = STATE_ALARM_DISARMED
        elif status == 'ARMED_HOME':
            self._state = STATE_ALARM_ARMED_HOME
        elif status == 'ARMED_AWAY':
            self._state = STATE_ALARM_ARMED_AWAY
        elif status != 'PENDING':
            _LOGGER.error('Unknown alarm state %s', status)
        self._changed_by = hub.get_first("$")

So it means if the alarm is ringing, home-assistant doesn’t know it.

Second, from the link of me previous post:, apparently, you can only have these three states : 'ARMED_HOME', 'ARMED_AWAY', 'DISARMED'. from verisure API. But in the history, you can see what “kind” of alarm it was: 'ARM', 'DISARM', 'FIRE', 'INTRUSION', 'TECHNICAL', 'SOS', 'WARNING', 'LOCK', 'UNLOCK'

I don’t know the verisure API, but it seems there is a state (armed or not) for the alarm and a kind of a trigger (fire, intrusion, etc.) that triggers the state change. The tech guy came few weeks ago to check the alarm and I asked him if it’s possible to enter in “test” mode in order to test my automation. This is possible, but it’s only reserved for tech guys to test the alarm. Apparently, entering in test mode means the connection between the alarm and the call center is cut, this is why is restricted. So the only way to check is to really trigger alarm.

Third, since verisure status is polled from the API to HA (every 1 minute for me), and even if HA is able to know the alarm is ringing and if it’s simply possible to know it from the verisure API, HA will be aware of it (at worst) 1 min after, which is too long. (I first idea was to light up some lights when alarm is ringing).

So, this is why it’s still in my todo, because there is lot work to do.

  • it certainly requires to change the python-verisure lib
  • AFAIK, HA alarm implementation is not handling ringing alarm, there is only state about armed/disarmed
  • Since I have a lot of verisure stuff, i cannot reduce too much the polling time, so it means i’ll have to do a different polling time for the alarm state only (like every 10 sec)


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So, sorry for double post, there might be a way (outside HA for now) to know if alarm is ringing. I tested few things and I create an issue at python-verisure: Basically, you can get history (like very 5 seconds) and tracking if your alarm is ringing, you may also know why (fire, intrusion, sos, water, etc.)

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Tack Thomas! <3

Looking forward to more states for my automations.