Version 1.5 was supposed to be released 3 months ago?


And v2.0 is two months ago.

I think it’s time to bite the bullet and release it with some bugs. No?


Realy waiting for siri shortcuts. When will we be able to test it?


Agreed. I’ve refrained from complaining thus far because I know how software is and the team doesn’t have a mega corporation’s worth of resources behind it but… I want it!


Well it’s hard to bitch at volunteers no?

I know Robbie had some real life issues and Blackgold just reported (discord) he has to step down due to his new job and a conflict of interest.

The current beta works really well so just use that. I’m sure this will be sorted out within 90 days the beta is valid for but demanding anything in this forum is not going to get a result IMO.

Try the discord chat and reach out to Robbie.

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See what complaining does? Now we know what’s going on. :slight_smile:

Prior to this we knew nothing other than promises were made and nothing was said or released.


You still know nothing. My ‘view/opinion’ on the situation is just that, nothing more.


@DavidFW1960 I was only joking (Exaggerating? Facetious? Not sure the word I’m looking for). I’ve been considering asking for an update and suggesting that the remaining bugs be merge and worked on in the 2.0 beta. Shortcuts is what we want to play with! It’s been delayed for a non-trivial amount of time without any word on the matter.


There’s just no point asking about it in the forum. Better to ask on Discord.


I cut my last reply short because I saw you replied. @bbrendon is right, we do know something now. Robbie has real life stuff going on. That’s all we needed to know. That is understandable. With no acknowledgement of the delay we don’t know if Robbie is busy with other things or if the project was quietly dropped and they hoped we wouldn’t notice.


Someone did ask on Discord. 9 days ago (and some times before that) and an update was just posted today. You’ll have to forgive me if that didn’t teach me to expect to get an answer there.


I am only saying you won’t get an answer here. I am not promising an answer on Discord but a greater chance. Also you can PM Robbie there and he will most probably get an answer.


Thanks for letting us know :+1:


Over 200 people have viewed this thread already. Are you suggesting that a good use of everyone’s time would be for Robbie to reply independently to hundreds of PMs on Discord? Surely that’s counter-productive to the development efforts.

I appreciate the insight you’ve posted, I had no idea what was going on and your comments here did, in fact, allow me to learn something about the current status.

For the record, I didn’t read any of the posts to this thread as “demands” or “bitching.”