Version Hopping - Lost Colours, States unavailable but updating +MORE

Very bad practice version hopping. DON’T DO IT!
I’ve jumped from 2022.6.6 to 2023.1.6 (not great, I know!)

I’m working on fixing some bit;

  • Synology
  • Maps (life360)
  • Google Calendars
  • Samsung Smartthings

But one thing that is personally irritating me is the layout and colours.
My cards have the same config, just using a different entity but some are white icon/text, some are yellow (as they should be)


color_type: entity
entity: switch.outlet
name: Outlet
  action: more-info
  - color: auto
    icon: mdi:scent
    name: Outlet on
    value: 'on'
  - color: green
    icon: mdi:scent-off
    name: Outlet Off
    operator: default
      card: null
type: custom:button-card

Synology - Showing all entities unavailable, however, they are updating!
Device Tracker - I can’t remove old entities as they have no unique ID so I can’t rename my new entities.

Life360 changed from the older “legacy” device tracker implementation (which used known_devices.yaml) to the newer entity-based implementation (that uses the Entity registry, and hence, the Entities page in the UI) starting in the 2022.7 release. See the Life360 entry in the Breaking Changes section of the 2022.7 release notes for instructions on how to reconfigure your system accordingly.