Vertical range slider

Hi all,

I am investigating implementing a component for Motorized blinds (working in the industry).
I know there is a roller shutter component which supports open/close/stop commands.
But nowadays these blinds can be controlled in much more detail.
As such I want a blind to be controlled with a “goto” command. Such a goto command is best to be represented with a slider. Going further the slider should be placed vertically to resemble the actual blind in a visual way.

Now polymer doesn’t support vertical sliders. So a custom control should be used. Now I am thinking how HASS is looking at using components not defined in Polymer ?

Also my implementation would need two sliders: One for positioning and one for tilting (as you can have venetian blinds too…)


I think everything you want is implemented in the cover component, except with horizontal sliders. See:

Thanks man !
I did check the state summary but not the more-info-cover …
Ok. Time to do some experimenting …

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