Vertical Stack Card - Cover/shutter controls

I am wondering if it possible to stack up a (“standard”?) cover/shutter control (with the up/down arrows and stop buttons) using the vertical stack card.

Is this achievable?

Have you checked out this custom card. It is not exactly what you have asked for but it should be able to help you out. Actually it has some extras.

Yes, I have been looking at this card, but I wouldn’t need the large shutter image and also I would like the controls to be laying horizontally (as on the default cover entity card) rather than vertically in this custom card.

I am a bit puzzled that the default cover entity card cannot be stacked?

Is this the type of card you are looking?

in the HACS there a numberbox card

its code looks like this

  - entity: input_number.wled_fp
    type: 'custom:numberbox-card'
    unit: false
    icon_plus: 'mdi:chevron-up'
    icon_minus: 'mdi:chevron-down'

I am looking to stack this default card (including the stop button between the two arrows):

Certainly I would be ok with any custom card having the same look and feel.

The cards you were showing getting close, but the number would be non-applicable and there would be no stop button.

What do you mean by “stacked” in this context? In your Entities card you can add multiple covers and they will each use a single row.

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No, I actually wanted to stack this using a vertical stack card, like that:

I have finally figured this out. Many thanks for all the inputs!

@spacegaier what are you using for the shutters what reports the status and also possible to set position?

FYI: Instead of a vertical stack card, you could also use the newer grid card.

Re position: Not sure if you are asking about the hardware (in that case I have a KNX bus system and basically all KNX covers are capable of reporting their position) or the frontend part (I selected “Position” as the secondary info source in the visual editor).

Would be nice if you would share your method, so other people reading this topic don’t have to ask the same question.