Very basic question about automation

sorry for having to ask what im sure is a very basic issue, im new to HA and im a bit old / stupid which doesn’t help.

i have set up an ikea 4 button remote (styrbar) using a number of automations (tried the blueprint first but didn’t like the top / bottom buttons being tied to the on / off function) to control various lights which all works fine except the outside light which does exactly what i have set up. my question is how do i get the button to toggle the light back off again before the timer has elapsed.

On the menu in the top right, select to change Mode and select “Restart”, so when you press the button again while the automation is running it will restart…

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Note that nothing will happen if you press the button during the day time:

This is probably fine when you are using a motion sensor, but probably not what you want when someone is actively pressing a button.

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I would consider using and ‘IF / THEN / ELSE’ option here.
Leave you trigger and condition as it is but change the action so as to firstly check if the light is off (rather than toggle) and if it is then turn it on, wait 2 mins and then turn it off. Therefor if it is not ‘off’ I.E. its on, turn it off.

Important note here would be to change the automation from ‘single’ to ‘restart’ to allow for the delay to cancel so to speak if you were to press the button again during the 2 mins delay.

EDIT: I have used my own bathroom entity here just for a graphical representation.


great thanks, it was ‘restart’ i needed but didn’t know where it was hiding before :slight_smile:

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that’s fixed it. i had tried the ‘if this / then that’ thing before but what i had not tried (or even found) was the ‘restart’ option which is what was missing. you’re a star thanks very much.

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