Very chatty Octoprint plugin

I have PiHole set up on my local lan, and one of the things I’ve noticed is the Home Assistant Octoprint plugin is very very chatty, it’s by far the most requested DNS lookup and it’s coming from the docker network that hosts HA. I can easily get 50+ lookups within the space of a couple of seconds. Almost half the requests to PiHole are from the HA network for OctoPrint (43,000 out of 110,000)

@Stubbs did you ever get to the bottom of this? I’m seeing the exact same thing, 2 years later!

Hmm, seems to be related to the HA/PSU Control plugin that I use to control a smart plug for my 3D printer. I figure the plugin is fetching the state of the smart plug.

My OctoPi has been off for a good few months so I’ve not noticed recently. Both HA & PiHole have been upgraded several times since I last looked so I’ll give it a day or two and get back to you …

Are you seeing DNS requests for OctoPi from the PSU control plugin?