Very confused at this point

Hey there,

So, I’m running Home Assistant in a docker container on my Synolgy NAS for about a week now and managed to automate the important stuff (heating, monitoring, light switches, MQTT + MagicMirror2 etc) for me. All works fine.

However, the more deeply I get into the topic, the more and more I encounter people mentionning HassIO, Addon Store and so on, which I cannot find in my docker installation.

For reference: this is the one I have running:

Now I suppose HassIO is a different container and requires re-installation? Which one do I have to download and install to actually have the Addon Store in the GUI? Can I just use the current configuration.yaml or does it really have to be redone from scratch?

With my best regards and thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Several months ago, hassio was renamed to Home Assistant OS.

If you don’t see the Supervisor icon in the main menu (which leads to Add-Ons) it appears you have installed what is known as Home Assistant Container. What you have is the docker version of Home Assistant Core without any of the management conveniences provided by Supervisor (which is included in Home Assistant OS and Home Assistant Supervised).

The table in this post should help to clarify the four ways you can install Home Assistant and their relative differences:

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And once you decide if you really need/want the Supervisor then when you re-install you can just move your existing configuration over to the new installation config directory.