Very confused new user HASSIO & AppDaemon

Hi, looking to use AppDaemon to randomly turn lights on and off using the App That has been written OccuSim !!!

I am running on a PI 3, and using HASSIO I have installed AppDaemin using Installing third-party add-ons.

I have started the service and have a appdaemon.yaml file in a folder called hadaemon in my config folder. This was created automatically.

If you look ate the documentation on the page it states / shows

> AppDaemon:
>   logfile: STDOUT
>   errorfile: STDERR
>   logsize: 100000
>   log_generations: 3
>   threads: 10
>   cert_path: <path/to/root/CA/cert>
>   cert_verify: True
>   time_zone: <time zone>
>   api_port: 5000
>   api_key: !secret api_key
>   api_ssl_certificate: <path/to/root/CA/cert>
>   api_ssl_key: <path/to/root/CA/key>
>   ha_url: <some_url>
>   ha_key: <some key>
> # Apps
> hello_world:
>   module: hello
>   class: HelloWorld

But my automatically created appdaemon.yaml file looks like this

  cert_verify: False
  disable_apps: 1
  logfile: STDOUT
  errorfile: STDERR
  threads: 10
  app_dir: /config/hadaemon/apps
  ha_key: password
  dash_dir: /config/hadaemon/dashboards

What do I do next, where do the apps go?


what do you think about putting apps here?

app_dir: /config/hadaemon/apps

and then create a part in the config like this?

 # Apps
   module: hello
   class: HelloWorld

where module is the name of the py file and class is the name of the class inside that py file.

and it might be worthwhile to read the docs about appdaemon here:

Thanks, what was confusion is that on the page that you linked, it shows the Hello World app in the main appdeamon config file.

thats where it should be.
just like in the config file you took out of the docs.

unless andrew has pushed out an update without me knowing it.
by the way sorry, i didnt notice you had seen the docs :wink:

so you have 2 parts:

  1. the file in your apps directory
  2. the apps configuration in the config file.