Very high system usage with OS 10

Hi I use a PI 4 with 4GB Ram and a M2 SSD to run home assistant. I just realised that the CPU utilisation with OS10 is significantly higher compared to 9.5. In 10 I have an average of 60% alternating between 30 & 80 every few seconds and memory around 60%. After I downgraded to 9.5 with all add-ons the same I get CPU around 20% and memory 35%.

Any thoughts or similar experience?

I found this out after my PI4 which is only passively cooled started rebooting due to heat problems. After I reverted to 9.5 everything is rock stable again.

I think I saw a post about some addon that had a high resource demand on HAOS 10.
Try to look at the addons info pages for resource usage.

It was fixed in the latest update of that add–on.

Thanks yousaf465. This OS10 problem obviously not only applies to ADS-B Feeder but also to other Add-ons. To find out which one, I would need to upgrade again an then start/stop any add-on to see which one causes the similar problem on my system.

I am just hesitating due to the fact that everything works fine so far with 9.5

I solved my issue by reverting from EMQX back to mosquitto. EMQX already took up 25% CPU on 9.5 and getting worse under 10.2. Now back with mosquito I rund 10.2 with total CPU usage below 20%