Very interesting ESP32 based PLC. What do you think?

Searching hardware to domotize my future house, I’ve found this interesting PLCs based on ESP32.

The PLC features PCA9685A 12-bit PWM driver, MCP23008 parallel I/O expansion, ADS1015 ADCs and a DS3231 RTC (compatible with DS1307). All currently supported by ESPHome. Also there are multiple configurations with different I/O distributions.

It seems a perfect match for automating a new home with ESPHome and HomeAssistant, but for two caveats. The Ethernet and Wifi 5G chipsets. It features a W5500 for Ethernet and a ISM43340 for WiFi 5G wich are not supported in ESPHome. (as far as I know)

I’ve queried the manufacturer to get more information about it. I hope that the builtin WiFi adapter of the ESP32 chip is accesible. In that case, the PLC will be able to connect to the network so still usable.

What do you think?


I’m sure it is engineered for the same enviros as other industrial PLC devices, but you can buy a lot of esp8266 and esp32 based tasmato and esphome device designed for the home for those prices…

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Yes, having multiple ESP devices around the house might be cheaper, but for a new construction with an electrical installation built from scratch, a centralized control unit makes more sense from my point of view. It also simplifies the maintenance of the solution.

Industrial PLCs have optoisolated inputs and outputs which can safely trigger external relays rated for the current needed for each application. Another advantage is having all installed in the same cabinet allows easier maintenance…

I have Sonoff T3 EU switches installed all over my current home, and I’m worried about the quality of most cheap switches and relays.

I’ve read about various models of Sonoff (and other cheap brands) catching fire. Each new device increases the risk of having a faulty unit, wich I want to avoid without loosing full control of my smart home by going to a closed solution.

Yes, having the option to layout something is a new build would be a great time install robust things. If you have that option that is super. Yes, buying equipment that is robust more and more a challenge today as prices go down. Even with a new build, as long as you have mains voltages around you will always have shock and fire risks. Good hunting! Hope you get to showcase your new build.


Im the same point now. Planning to renovate my new apartment incl complete electrical wiring etc. I would like to make all wired. And if i could programe this PLC via ESP home that would be best solution in my eyes. Is there any news on this product? Dou you guys have any news about that or experience? Thank you

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does someone do this ?
very interest n this too.
I wanna a robot (slow moving but heavy motor) which can manipulate things based on esphome so like you i need an plc esp32
did you had any luck ?

Hello, in the end I purchased Kincony’s KC868-A64 boards as their hardware is supported in ESPHome. The IndustrialShields one uses a W5500 network phy which is not supported.

Does it works well with esphome ?
Any bad surprise ? or good surprise ?

Hello, It’s working solidly at the moment. no surprises for the time being.

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