Very long delays in Zigbee2Mqtt messages (that disappear with certain actions)

Some of my simple zigbee automations (e.g. lightbulbs triggered by occupancy sensor or simple button->lightbulb) have suddenly started showing extremely long delays between the trigger point and the action taking place. I have not changed anything so my first guess was that one of the recent updates to core or mqtt/mosquito has broken things but restoring from various backup points did not fix this.

I did some debugging and I think the MQTT payloads are somehow held in the queue. I say this because while I’m waiting for the action to take place certain things I do seems to immediately flush the queue causing my automations to take place , e.g. pressing the “Permit Join” in zigbee2mqtt dashboard or pressing the reset button on my occupancy sensor!

Also triggering the automation directly from HA’s dashboard works immediately so it’s probably something related to sensor trigger not finding its way to HA.

Has anyone run into something similar?

Probably #8663

You’re right. Upgrading the kernel to 5.10.63 fixed it