Very simple temperature-automation not working


Does anybody have an idea why this shutter does not move if the related temperature is above the defined level?

id: ‘1622308980142’
alias: Test Cooling
description: ‘’

  • platform: numeric_state
    entity_id: climate.living_temperature_3
    attribute: current_temperature
    above: ‘23’
    condition: []
  • service: cover.close_cover
    entity_id: cover.galery_shutter
    mode: single

This automation has been created with the tool. (An other automation with this tool works.)
“Run actions” of this automation makes this shutter move.
HA Overview shows the actual temperature of “climate.living_temperature_3” and it is above 23 (C).
The whole HA configuration is valid. (with KNX which is working properly).

Many thanks!

My guess is that the automation will only trigger if the your temperature transitions from below 23 degrees to above 23 degrees.

See note here: Automation Trigger - Home Assistant

The Numeric State Trigger will trigger only when the value crosses the threshold. In your example, it will trigger only at the moment when the value of current_temperature increases above 23. It will not continue to trigger if the value continues to increase above 23.

If it’s currently above 23, the Numeric State Trigger will not trigger until the temperature decreases below 23 and then rises above it.

Indeed. That was the issue.
Many thanks to both of you!

Next: recovery of HA. Disconnected since this morning (status code 503, SSL error,…)