Very slow ui and entity response after upgrade ha core to 2023.10.1

After update to HA core to 2023.10.1 I having issue with very slow ui and entity response (when I press switch on the wall light might take up to 2minutes to turn on.

I try to put fresh HAOS from image haos_generic-x86-64-11.0.rc1.img.xz because there is no newer image on stable release and then restore from backup (result is the same)

I try to put fresh HAOS from image haos_generic-x86-64-10.5.img.xz and then restore from backup. After restore all back to normal. But after update ha core to 2023.10.1 I get again slow response.

For now I stayed on ha 2023.9.3, becouse of that problems.

Anyone has similar problem with new release on x86-64 machine, and know how to solve it?

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Today I try HA core 2023.10.2. I have same result.

Errors in log:

Logger: homeassistant.components.websocket_api.http.connection
Source: components/websocket_api/
Integration: Home Assistant WebSocket API (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 08:42:37 (23 occurrences)
Last logged: 09:04:14

[139712651371968] administrator from (HomeAssistant/2023.10.1 aiohttp/3.8.5 Python/3.11): Client unable to keep up with pending messages. Stayed over 1024 for 5 seconds. The system's load is too high or an integration is misbehaving; Last message was: {"id":25941,"type":"event","event":{"event_type":"state_changed","data":{"entity_id":"binary_sensor.cam_hallway_01_all_occupancy","old_state":{"entity_id":"binary_sensor.cam_hallway_01_all_occupancy","state":"off","attributes":{"device_class":"occupancy","icon":"mdi:home-outline","friendly_name":"Cam Hallway 01 all occupancy"},"last_changed":"2023-10-13T07:02:15.936430+00:00","last_updated":"2023-10-13T07:02:15.936430+00:00","context":{"id":"01HCKXFK40C97C88CSC2MY21QM","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}},"new_state":{"entity_id":"binary_sensor.cam_hallway_01_all_occupancy","state":"on","attributes":{"device_class":"occupancy","icon":"mdi:home","friendly_name":"Cam Hallway 01 all occupancy"},"last_changed":"2023-10-13T07:02:29.236332+00:00","last_updated":"2023-10-13T07:02:29.236332+00:00","context":{"id":"01HCKXG03M8QXFMBDZET41TY1S","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}}},"origin":"LOCAL","time_fired":"2023-10-13T07:02:29.236332+00:00","context":{"id":"01HCKXG03M8QXFMBDZET41TY1S","parent_id":null,"user_id":null}}}
Logger: homeassistant.components.recorder.core
Source: components/recorder/
Integration: Recorder
First occurred: 08:56:25 (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 08:56:25

The recorder backlog queue reached the maximum size of 325447 events; usually, the system is CPU bound, I/O bound, or the database is corrupt due to a disk problem; The recorder will stop recording events to avoid running out of memory

Did you Set a commit_interval for the recorder?
Mine looks like:

  db_url: !secret db_url
  db_max_retries: 10
  db_retry_wait: 5
  auto_purge: true
  purge_keep_days: 30
  commit_interval: 10

No. But I try to delete whole recorder database.

Result is the same:(