Very small electrical plug/connector

Dicovered that Keen Home Zigee vent got batteries leaked inside and battery compartment is completely useless. Disassambled it I see that the connectivity is done via very small plug - here is the lower cernter port with cut wires.

That connecter/plug is just couple of mm across. Could you tell me how it is called so I can find a replacement at Aliexpress so I can use it with series of 4 AA batteries?


Probably JST-M
This site has a description of JST connectors that may help.

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I am confused. So, you already have the plug. You just need to connect the wires to something?

The wires look pretty well corroded as well.

The JST connector usually have guiding rails on one side.
This one have a friction lock bump, so it is probably a Molex connector instead, maybe a Pico-SPOX or if the picture is zoomed in a lot, then it is maybe a Pico Blade.

Something like this:

Chances is pretty high here is two nice solder joints on the back of the PCB you can solder on to and just skip the connection.

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I have DIY battery compartment that I want to connect to the unit using the plug, so instead of soldering it twice (with extension cables) I want to get plug long enough to avoid it.

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I would still need to replace batteries from DIY battery compartment and want to have an option to unplug the compartment, replace them, plug it back.

Seems it is JST PH, no? I measured distance between contacts, it is no more than 2mm.

You current connector does not have a guiding rail, which is the signature of a JST connector.
The friction lock bump is normally a molex thingy.
Both connector brands have several different sizes, so size is not a measurement to go after.
Sometimes the connectors from the two brands can work together, so maybe a JST PH connector can be used even if it is a molex connector soldered on the board.

This is a 2-pin Molex PICO-SPOX with 1.5mm spacing.