Very very long (perhaps hours?) restore - FR?


I’m currently having this situation at home:

Basically, I spent the last 5 hours of my Saturday, diagnosing and trying to repair my raspberry pi home assistant installation from a snapshot.

The latest snapshot I have that was uploaded to google drive is incomplete somehow (not sure how it happened).

It took me maybe 2 hours (a few restore attempts) on the pi before giving up on the pi, and going to a windows machine, installing hyper-v, trying to setup/restore from snapshot home assistant there, a couple of checkpoints, some peeking at the contents of the snapshot to compare things and so on.

After a few hours of shenanigans in a VM, it turns out that the restore of not-the-latest snapshot there, took around 10-15 minutes. (an old 4 core i5 with an ssd on a 500mbps wired internet connection, with 4 cores/2G ram for the vm). At some point I was typing su logs and not seeing any progress for a couple of minutes.

A thing I would very much appreciate, would be some way to be able to track the progress of a “wipe & restore” - e.g. maybe an alternative tiny single purpose webserver just to be able to view the supervisor logs in a browser while the thing is restoring would be great.

Additionally, I’d like to be able to start a wipe and restore before a new version of home assistant is fully downloaded onto the card and before I’m asked to create a user (I should actually never have to be asked to create a new user - since I’m wiping it). A link to upload the snapshot file and start the restore immediately would be great !

After all that, I’m now finally starting a blind wipe and restore onto the pi.

20-02-01 18:58:24 INFO (MainThread) [hassio.snapshots] Full-Restore 793fe189 start

I’ll come back in an hour to check up on it.

BTW, I wish I had the time to actually work on this… maybe in a few months.
Let me know if you think a separate webserver to tail logs/progress idea has merit?
… or if you think having an immediate “upload snapshot” in the web ui is a good idea.