Vesync and other Aggregate Power Consumption

I’m a begginer (read no coding experience, self taught with lots of Google). I am trying to find a way to pull power usage data from smart things, kasa, vesync and maybe hue (hue is not essential). I want to agregate one total number. My goal is to track power compared to temperature and who is home. I have no idea how to pull all these together.

If all those devices are set up, you need to add each component into HA:

smart things is unque i guess, and from googling it looks like it needs to be integrated with MQTT. This looks like a guide, you may not need the Docker portion if you are using Hassio.

I have no clue what kasa is. I looked it up and it appears to be a bluetooth smart device. It doesn’t look like it has an integration with home assistant. You may need to get creative with this one.


Once you get all the devices you want into home assistant, you then would create a template sensor that combines all the data using any equation you feel:

I should have clarified. Kasa is TP-Link’s app. I have it all set up. My diffuclty is what entity names am I using for say vesync or tplink. Something like switch.mini_smart_outlet_2_current_power_w? I try that and nothing. I know the data is pulled into home assistant. But I don’t know how to access.

click on the states page to view states and attributes.

to use states in value_templates:




to use attributes:






So if I want to creat a sensor from the switch, how would that format? Im sorry for all the questions.

I may have found it spelled out in step by step here:

that will get you started. Personally, I think you should get started using the get started with home assistant. You’ll need to learn yaml and jinja (for templating). Start off simple and then work big. What you are trying to do is work big without knowing any of the simple stuff.