VESync integration

Has anybody noticed any “odd” behaviour with the VESync integration or just VESync products in general?

I’ve got a Levoit 300S Air Purifier and it regularly disappears off the network, from the app, resets its filter status etc. Levoit were so stumped they actually shipped me another which is running alongside the existing one and suffering exactly the same issues.

I have ruled out ALL manual interventions with these devices, something between their app and the HA integration is causing the devices to misbehave as previously described. I can see from the notifications from the app and also from within Home Assistant these changes are happening when there is nobody awake (the “new” one reset its own filter status to 100% at 2am last week).

the builtin integration is definitely bonked. I get plenty of errors in my HA logs regarding my 300s smart purifier with it working intermittently