Vicare Integration: Add option to change desired water temperature

Hello there!

I’d like to submit the following feature request for the vicare integration:
Please add an option to change the desired water temperature from home assistant.

Like so many we have this solar based water heater thingy on our roof.
Currently I have the viessmann natural gas unit configured in a way that heats our water once per day at 5pm, since by then the water has absorbed most of the solar heating power.
I have set the desired water temperature to 55 degrees.

This has the following downside:
even if there is more solar heating power available the viessmann unit only heats the water tank up to 55 degrees during the solar cycle.

I’d like to set the desired temperature to lets say 65°C during the day, and then, about 5 minutes before 5pm, the value gets lowered to 55° again so the usage of natural gas is minimized.

This would allow to “preheat” the water even more during the day and only use natural gas if absolutely necessary