ViCare : outside temperature acquired each hour or less


I successfully installed ViCare. At first, the entity sensor.vicare_outside_temperature was acquired very often like other entities.

But since 2023, March 21st (I think) the acquisition of sensor.vicare_outside_temperature is done only once an hour or less. Other entities provided by the ViCare integration, with the same API, update more often.

Dark blue : sensor.vicare_outside_temperature
Cyan : sensors.vicare_primary_circuit_supply_temperature
Violet : climate.vicare_heating.current_temperature templated as sensor.vicare_inside_temperature

I update HA at every version. I have played with “availability” parameters of my Zigbee2MQTT sensors but I don’t think it has anything to do with this.

Do you know how I can configure the sensor.vicare_outside_temperature step to 5 min or less ?

Best regards