VictoriaMetrics configuration

Hi All,

I am having trouble configuring VictoriaMetrics for storing long-term sensor data.

I am fairly new to HomeAssistant, possibly just missing some trivial things.
I use a HomeAssistantOS installation (KVM on Linux) which is accessible on the local network as homeassistant.local (on IP

The main problem is that I think I have configured everything correctly, but the Explore function of Grafana shows “No Data” when I try to query the default “value” from “measurement” query.

What I have done so far:

Installed the the VictoriaMetrics Addon via the UI


retention: 99y
additionalArguments: ""
enableHTTPAuth: false
username: ""
password: ""
enablePrometheusScrape: false
prometheusScrapeHTTPS: false
prometheusScrapeInterval: 20s
prometheusScrapeTimeout: 15s
longelivedToken: ""
homeassistantUrl: ""

port exposed: 8428 (default)

Installed the InfluxDB integration

By configuring it in configuration.yaml using the (File editor) plugin.

# Victoria Metrics via the InfluxDB interface
  api_version: 1
  # homeassistant.local
  port: 8428
  max_retries: 3
  measurement_attr: entity_id
    - friendly_name
    - unit_of_measurement
    - icon
    - source
    - options
    - editable
    - min
    - max
    - step
    - mode
    - marker_type
    - preset_modes
    - supported_features
    - supported_color_modes
    - effect_list
    - attribution
    - assumed_state
    - state_open
    - state_closed
    - writable
    - stateExtra
    - event
    - friendly_name
    - device_class
    - state_class
    - ip_address
    - device_file
    - unit_of_measurement
    - unitOfMeasure
      - sensor
      - binary_sensor
      - light
      - switch
      - cover
      - climate
      - input_boolean
      - input_select
      - number
      - lock
      - weather
      - sensor.clock*
      - sensor.glances*
      - sensor.time*
      - sensor.uptime*
      - sensor.dwd_weather_warnings_*
      - weather.weatherstation
      - binary_sensor.*_smartphone_*
      - sensor.*_smartphone_*
      - sensor.adguard_home_*
      - binary_sensor.*_internet_access

Restarted Hass

In order for the InfluxDB setting to take effect.

Afterwards, I have checked the homeassistant.log file with the File editor and I did NOT see anything related to InfluxDB or VictoriaMetrics in it.

How could I investigate / debug what is happening ?

Any help is appreciated !

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Hey @asoltesz,

Please check out Migrate from InfluxDB to VictoriaMetrics · VictoriaMetrics and check that you can establish the connection to VictoriaMetrics via the provided IP address and the same in reverse.

Would you mind sharing VM flags from /config path and information about the VM version? If your issue is not resolved - please fill out a bug report on VM GitHub page and add a link to this ticket.