Victron MQTT auto-discovery


I use home assist in docker mode and try to keep the system as clean as possibe. Now I added my OpenDTU via MQTT auto-discovery and was very impressed. After reading alot of Victron examples I am confused, why we use from “my perspective” complex setups. My idea for my next step would be to insert Victron via MQTT auto-discovery feature, bit I can not find anything about it and victron here or on github.

Could we not match the mqtt topics from Victron via a local script, or node red or or or … and then have perfect MQT auto-discovery and no need for modbus tcp and so on?

Is that not much cleaner and easier?
Or do I miss somehting?

I am new to Victron integration and googled a lot in recent days, and I am at the point where I am wishing the same…
I think it should be doable via the MQTT bridging’s translation, we just need to map all sensors into the right structure, no?