Video loss after hooking up Home Assistant Integration

I’ve been using unofficial Reolink integration to connect RLN8-410 to Home Assistant. Now it’s archived, because Home Assistant supports Reolink natively.

However, after migrating to the official one, I’m getting video connection loss events around 3 times an hour:

I have 4 PoE cameras and one connected over WiFi, the NVR is running latest firmware (v3.3.0.226_23031609)

What is causing that and how can I fix this?

Turns out that even with firmware update, I’m getting the video losses. Must be the new firmware causing those issues (I’ve upgraded it just before hooking up the integration)

Maybe hardware being overwhelmed? I am just watching as I am planning on adding video atr some point but have a tron of stuff ruinning on just a RPI4 so would add more hardware before jumping in… just wondering what you guys use?